AxoTips V

AxoTips V

10 GIFs showing Axosoft tips and tricks

Here’s our latest roundup of tutorials, tips and organizational tricks for using Axosoft!

10 Axosoft Tips

  1. Want to share an image in your message? You can copy/paste images in any large text field! (Chrome & Firefox friendly) 
  2. In the Dashboard gear drop-down menu, you can switch between the light and dark theme! 
  3. You can easily access a full list of keyboard shortcuts from the Help menu! 
  4. Click the X to the right of your filters in order to clear all filters. 
  5. Customize your cards with other fields to get more information on each item.
  6. Use the keyboard shortcut Shift +p to quickly access menus in the Command Palette. 
  7. Make it easier to create new items by duplicating. To duplicate an item, right-click the item and select Duplicate
  8. Make your items standout by bolding them! Select Color Coding in the More menu to bold items. 
  9. It’s so easy to clear all of your filters! Just hit the X to remove all your current filters. 
  10. Make a mistake? Use the keyboard shortcut z to undo an action. 

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