Axosoft Best Practices Webinar

Axosoft Best Practices Webinar

The little boosts that make a difference

Watch the Axosoft Best Practices webinar above to learn how to use Axosoft most effectively. We’ve only outlined some of the best practices below.

Daily Usage Best Practices

  • Keyboard Shortcuts [shift + ?]
    • Create a new item [c]
    • Create a new subitem [n then s]
    • Add a work log to an item [w]
  • Add the projects you work on most to Favorites by right clicking on the project and selecting Add To Favorites 
  • To assign items, the Assign To field is no longer a static dropdown, you can just start typing and quickly select the user or team’s name/gravatar when it appears
  • Quickly delete items by right clicking on the item and selecting Delete
  • Quickly copy the URL for an item by right clicking on the item and selecting Copy Item URL (choose whether you want the URL for the web item or the portal item)
  • Add a work log by right clicking on the item and selecting Add Worklog 
  • Add a subitem by right clicking on the item and selecting Add Subitem
  • Copy an item to a bug in Axosoft Bug Tracker, by right clicking on the item and selecting Copy to Bug. We recommend copying items rather than moving them.
  • If you delete one of your workspace tabs, Click the funnel symbol below the Daily Scrum button and select the tab you want to reopen
  • If you accidentally delete an item, use the Audit Trails tab to find the item and copy the details into a new item
  • The All Items tab shows you the combined items from all of your other tabs (I.E. Scrum, Bug Tracker and Help Desk items)
  • If you have Axosoft Scrum, you can always create an additional Custom Items tab by clicking Tools > System Options > General > checking the Custom Items box > clicking System Labels > and relabeling Custom Items to whatever you’re using it for (I.E. tasks or test cases)

Grouping, Filters and Views

  • To what everyone on your team is working on, you can group items by the user they’re assigned to. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner > Group By > User Story > Assigned To
  • To group by project, click the gear icon in the upper right corner > Group ByProject
  • To add a filter, click the Filters button at the top > Add Filter > name it > click the plus sign to add your filter conditions
  • If you’ve applied different groupings and filters to your workspace and want to easily get back to that view, save it as view. To do this, click View > Save View > name your view > check any settings you want saved
  • To share a view with other team members, click View > Manage View > deselect Private
  • Customers can group items by their status, in the Customer Portal. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner > Group By > Status
  • You can create a default view that customers see when they enter your Customer Portal. Click on a user whose view settings you want to use as a default for all your customers. Click on Tools in the upper right corner > Customer Portal > Customer Portal Settings > Security & Customer Defaults > Make sure that user is selected under “Use the selected customer contact’s current view settings” > Save

Custom Item Tab and Related Items

  • You can create an additional tab for test cases or any other item type, by clicking on the funnel icon in the upper right corner > Custom Items
  • You can connect your test case items back to a defect or another item. Expand the Details panel by clicking the arrow in the top right corner > click Related Items to open that panel > to enable related items for the first time, click Tools then System Options then Details Panel then check the boxes for Related Items and Save > click Add under Related Items > select is related to” in the dropdown menu > Search for Related Item > select Bugs > search for the item number > check the the item > Select > Save
  • You can doc Related Items or any pane under the Details panel, to the bottom of your screen to see those details. Just click the arrow on the right corner of the Related Items pane.
  • Read more information on test case management, the custom item tab and related items in Axosoft

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