Axosoft Partners with Girls in Tech

Axosoft Partners with Girls in Tech

A Partnership Made in Heaven!

Here at Axosoft, we love our tech community, and we recognize the significant yet still underrepresented achievements and initiatives of women in the technology industry in AZ and abroad. As a tech company with a female CEO, we are not only active in supporting the tech community and championing the women at its forefront – we are actively seeking to expand our female workforce by adding more female developers to our team.


What better way to find female developers than to help create them? Don’t worry, we don’t mean in a creepy futuristic cloning way. Axosoft has partnered with CodaKid, a Scottsdale-based kids computer programming and game design academy, to offer fun and free workshops and codeathons that teach girls how to code as early as age 6.

We are constantly trying to align ourselves with great partners like Girls in Tech and CodaKid who share our vision for growing STEM education and the tech industry. As prominent players in the Valley’s technology ecosystem for over a decade, we are honored to be the lead sponsor of the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference!

The speakers at this event represent some of the very best technological innovators, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the Valley. And, it just so happens they are women. These superheroes, alongside the attendees of the conference, showcase just how strong, energetic and productive a network of driven and influential women exists in Arizona. This conference shows off the amazing women doing things right now on our own turf, and in doing so represents similar innovations globally.

We are SUPER excited to partner with Girls in Tech in celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of this growing movement, sharing in their vision to empower women in the technology industry, spread knowledge and inspire more companies like ours to create the next big thing.

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