A Day in the Life of an AxoShadow

A Day in the Life of an AxoShadow

Writen by Zaira Sweeney, a 13-year-old with a passion for writing.

axosoft shadow

What the heck am I gonna do with my life?

That’s what I was thinking, as the normal school day proceeded. Today was another repeat of smelly boys, slamming lockers and annoying teachers.

There must be more to life then this, but what did I know? I was just a (hormonal) 13-year-old with a passion for writing. But it seemed that no one really noticed or cared about my stories and my school’s main focus was the STEM program.

However, when it was announced that the 8th grade class was visiting a company called Axosoft, I was curious. My first thought was “What even is Axosoft?” So I looked it up on Google (the all-knowing website) and found it was a tech company that focused on developing software for other companies. I wondered what are we going to do there?


As we hopped on the bus, I looked out the dirty window and wondered about Axosoft. I imagined in my mind what it would look like. Maybe a sleek, modern workplace or an old building in the middle of nowhere, and what would happen there?

I had little to no idea what a professional workplace would be like. “Haven’t you ever been to your parents’ company?” my friends asked. Well, not really. My dad has a traveling job so he goes to multiple offices in a week, and my mom is a stay at-home mom that spends time carting my brother and I off to school and soccer practice.

When I divulged the fact that I would be visiting a software company my mom was overjoyed and had me watch multiple videos on their website. After that, I kinda had a clue about what I was getting into-but you see, what I imagined wasn’t anything close to reality.

When I stepped into the office, being the caboose of the train of 8th graders, I couldn’t see much. But soon, a long, sleek desk met my eyes and a lady was standing behind it waiting with a welcoming smile and warm handshake.

We took a tour of the company, which was just as I had first expected it to be: modern, fun, and full of life. I even was a part of a nerf gun assault on one of the offices! I soon realized that this would be an awesome place to work, and after I learned they were accepting interns my age, I was ecstatic.

I went home that night and emailed the CEO of the company. I explained that I was interested in interning there, talked about my strengths and what I was hoping to learn. I was rewarded with a week of job shadowing, and when I heard the news I kept on yelling “score!” until my mom told me to calm down.

AZ Tech Beat

So that brings me here, today, sitting in an online news office and writing about my experience so far. It’s only my first day, but already so much has happened. I sat in on a meeting about customers for software, and while I didn’t really understand what they were talking about, I found it interesting how they looked to each other for support and advice.

Back in the newsroom I experimented with a bunch of new high-tech gadgets.

Next I participated in a Pilates class(that literally took my breath away) and grabbed my lunch, sat back in this newsroom, and finished writing about the first part of this awesome new adventure. Peace out!

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