Axosoft Named Best Project Management Software-USA

Axosoft Named Best Project Management Software-USA

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We are happy to announce that Axosoft has been named Best Project Management Software-USA by 
Corporate America in its 2015 Software and Technology Awards. According to Corporate America, the 2015 Technology and Software Awards highlight the most technologically ground-breaking, user-friendly and results-driven industry leaders operating in the U.S. today. The awards shine the spotlight on the cutting edge individuals, departments and firms who, through their commitment, experience and willingness to push the boundaries of business-based technology, will shape and enhance the American business landscape for years to come.

Steven Simpson, Awards Coordinator, said: “It goes without saying that technology is the driving force behind many of the biggest developments in the business world and beyond. With these awards, we get to look at the firms and individuals whose innovations and developments have allowed businesses to reach paths they have never seen before. With this in mind, it is an honor to recognize our deserving winners for their success.”

“We are honored that Corporate America has recognized us for the innovative work we do here at Axosoft,” said Lawdan Shojaee, CEO. “The work we do helps dev teams around the world create software that changes the world.”

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