Axosoft at the Agile2014 Conference

Axosoft at the Agile2014 Conference

Agile 2014

We traveled to Orlando, Florida last week for the Agile 2014 conference. It was a blast!

As Arizonans we are no strangers to the heat, but dry heat is an entirely different experience than being immersed in 80% humidity. Upon arrival in Orlando, we braced ourselves for the balmy weather and were much relieved to arrive at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. For those of you who have never been, Gaylord Palms is like a biosphere: a temperature controlled, naturally lit, plant thriving oasis!

gaylord palms resort

We were happy to set up in the expo hall right in front of the entrance doors. If you were there, there’s no way you could have missed us! We readied our booth with plenty of Axosoft swag – Scrum mini guides, Agile Notetakers, Tego Audio Nova speakers, and stress-ball ladybugs – then welcomed the first wave of conference attendees.

Axosoft booth

We had lots of great conversations with project managers, developers, Scrum masters, agile coaches, and the like. Many were drawn into our booth by our cute ladybug stress-balls representative of our recent decision to price Axosoft Bug Tracker at only $1!

Axosoft Bug Tracker

With ladybugs in hand, people wanted to know what makes us different from our competitors. Many of you who are already familiar with Axosoft know that we are much more Scrum focused than JIRA, Rally, VersionOne and other Agile softwares. For instance, we have a new Daily Scrum feature that no other agile or Scrum software has to facilitate daily standup meetings. Lots of attendees started envisioning their teams using this feature.

Daily Scrum

People also loved our clean UI and many people stopped at our demos when they recognized our custom dashboards from the hit HBO show Silicon Valley.

Scrum Dashboard

All in all we had a great time talking to current and prospective Axosoft users at our booth. We were also happy to mingle with many  more great people and even a mermaid!  We came away from this conference with lots of great insights and ideas we will be bringing to Agile2015; hope to see you there!


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