What’s New in Axosoft 15.3.2?

What’s New in Axosoft 15.3.2?

We're burning down the mountain

Season’s greetings! Watch this video or keep reading to find out what’s new in our 15.3.2 version release.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Burndown charts & scope change
  • Velocity Speedometer
  • Wiki attachments
  • Release planner updated to use remaining estimate
  • And more! Check out our full 15.3.2 version release notes

We have updated your burndown charts to accommodate scope change in a few major ways. First, if you add work to an existing sprint or release, then that work will be added not only to today’s burndown bar but also as series to all the days prior.

Add scope
Scope added will adjust previous days

Conversely, if you remove scope then you have the option to view work removed from your burndown legend.   

Remove Scope
Scope removed will appear on the day it was removed

Next, if you log a worklog and determine that something will take longer than expected, your update will show here in your burndown. This applies to any re-estimations you make to active items.

Item estimate change
Did an estimate change? Check this green series!

Lastly, if you remove items that were worked on during the sprint, the burndown chart will show you what work was performed for items that were removed. This highlights the time that your team has wasted working on items that aren’t shipping with the sprint/release.

Wasted Time
Ideally this will be zero

These changes ensure that your velocity is based on the work logs your team enters, and is unchanged if you’re adding or removing items. This translates to more accurate projections for your completion dates. We’ve also updated the projected ship date gadget to display a speedometer visualizing how fast your team is working. The needle represents your team’s current velocity, and if you’re anywhere in the green, you will finish on time or even early.  You can, of course, see the projected ship date as before.

Vroom vroom! Check out your velocity.
Vroom vroom! Check out your velocity.

Next, we made updates the Release Planner to use remaining estimate when you move the item into the release. This should allow you to plan your upcoming sprints more easily and accurately, because it takes into account work already done on items.

Release planner now bases user capacity off Remaining Estimate
Release planner now bases user capacity off Remaining Estimate

You can now attach documents to the Wiki and other large text fields. When in the editor, click on the paperclip icon Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 5.16.24 PM to attach a document. Once attached, the document will display as a link that will download the file when clicked.

Add files as downloadable links!
Add files as downloadable links!

Item-type filters can now be toggled on and off. Use this to easily work out of your All Items tab if you need to switch over to a different context, without needing to change your selection in the organize panel.

Use this to quickly see only bugs or only features etc.
Use this to quickly see only bugs or only features etc.

We made a series of smaller updates as well. These include:

  • an increased page limit of up to 500 items
  • search results will now grey out any irrelevant parent or subitems
  • a number of performance improvements for getting and updating items

That about covers what’s new in Axosoft version 15.3.2! Be on the look out for our next release. 

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