What’s New in Axosoft 15.1?

What’s New in Axosoft 15.1?

The All Items Tab is Now More Functional!

We’re delighted to announce that the release of Axosoft 15.1 includes an expansion of the All Items tab! Before we jump right in, feel free to check out our list of defect fixes. Otherwise, here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

  • Add any item type under All Items
  • Rank all your items together
  • Filters each item type
  • Export from All Items
  • Dashboard beautification

Video summary:

The All Items tab now has more of the same functionality as other item tabs. For example, you now have the ability to Add any item type. Just make sure you specify the item type first:

Options abound!
Options abound!

Editing also behaves the same way as any other tab, though the multi-edit is where the All Items tab now shines.  Multi-edit items by selecting the items you want to edit and then clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the edit button.  If the fields are shared then you can update them all at once! The pop-up window will communicate what fields are shared between the item types selected.

Here's what you see when a field does not overlap item types.
Some fields will overlap while others are unique to just one.

Ranking is now available for All Items. Hit the down arrow icon to call forth ranking and enable your filters (see how in the next section) to only see your relevant items. Now you can rank your bugs, features, tickets, etc. against once another for a given project or release.

Rank your bugs, features, or incidents against one another.
Rank your bugs, features, or incidents against one another.

Filters are now here too; how do they work you might ask? Well, each item type will have filters for each item type as shown below. The filter you enable will only affect that item type. For example, if you want to only see features that are not closed, and you want to see them next to all your bugs and tickets, then enabling the “Not Closed” feature filter will do the trick.

Filters for each item type are now available.
Filters for each item type are now available.

Export all the items! You can now export your data from the All Items tab into a .CSV spreadsheet. Just like every other tab, this will be found under the More menu of the All Items tab.

Export from the All Items tab. That print button is right there next to if you want to print to PDF too
Export from the All Items tab or click the print button right next to it to print to PDF.

Ah, card view is now available from the All Items tab.  To change the workflow of the cards click on the workflow columns drop down and choose your workflow.   Notice that there are multiple workflows to choose from.  Pick the item type and workflow you want to change.   You are then free to move your cards through their workflow.

Card View is here for All Items
Card View is here for All Items.

The details panel is now more robust as well.  You can view custom fields, subitems, and source control types.  Fields that are not applicable to the item type you have selected will display a message. You can also edit what items are showing in the All Items tab from Tools\System Options\Details Panel.

Aside from the All Items tab, there are a few bonus features. First bonus, you can now also add images to the release notes by clicking on the release and then edit.

Paste away!
Paste away!

Next, rich text formatting is now available for default text in large text fields. Your default text in the field template can now be formatted to your heart’s content.

Lastly,  the dashboard received some style love and has a fresh new look.

So crisp. So blue.
So crisp. So blue.

That wraps up what’s new in 15.1! Feel free to let us know your thoughts via Twitter.

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