What’s New in Axosoft 14.5?

What’s New in Axosoft 14.5?

Wondering what’s new in Axosoft version 14.5? Well, here it is:

  • Print functionality
  • Sharable Dashboards
  • Zendesk Integration
  • More UX improvements

Reporting Boosts:

There are two things that should improve your reporting efforts: printing and sharing dashboards. We have replaced the PDF shortcut with a print button that will print anything you have on the screen.

Print Print Print
Print Print Print

That means you may include any filter, any grouping, or any view (including Card View) for your hard copy needs. The only limit is the size of your printer’s paper, so don’t go chopping trees down here.

You can print any view with any filters, including card view.
You can print any view with any filters, including card view.

Non-users of Axosoft may now access dashboards. Huzzah!

More eyeballs please.
More eyeballs please.

After you enable your API, you’re free to copy and paste the link to your dashboard and share it accordingly. You can even have it password protected for increased security. If this is making you go “yay!” then make sure you start using this ASAP to help out your execs/managers/stakeholders/customers. Here’s what to do step by step:

  • Enable API
  • Go to Dashboard and edit Dashboard settings
  • Generate and copy the URL
Protect your dashboard!
Protect your dashboard!

Zendesk Integration:

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Zendesk. See our full post here or get the gist of the integration below:

  1. Create or link Axosoft items from Zendesk tickets
  2. Notify Zendesk tickets of changes from Axosoft
  3. Save money and keep communication flowing from customers, to support, to development and management

 zendesk axosoft integration

UX Improvements:

Information is power, and we’re giving new info to admins. Admins now get notifications when an email has failed to fire. This is located in the upper right corner by your user/admin name in the shape of a bell.

It's like bookface.
It’s like bookface.

The bell glows red when an email fails, which should allow you to immediately check the email address or potentially your email account settings. If you’re ever in doubt, please contact the awesome folks in support.

Right clicking on a column now allows you to multi-select what items you’d like to sort and we’ve updated the functionality for touch screen users. 

That’s all for now folks. Be on the lookout for our next release!

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