What’s New in Axosoft 14.4?

What’s New in Axosoft 14.4?

Felicitations friendly faces! Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, so we decided to make Axosoft Version 14.4 all about UX improvements. We hope you are pleasantly surprised when you fire up Axosoft to find:

  • New and improved onboarding tutorial
  • New shortcuts everywhere:
    • Shortcut to Field Templates from the Edit Workflow Step page
    • Shortcut to Pick-lists from Custom Items page
    • Shortcuts to Field Templates, Workflow, and  Escalation from Edit Projects page
    • Shortcut to Notification Templates from Notifications page
  • Updated UI for the Details Panel
  • New Copy Link button that’s easy to use when viewing an item

New Onboarding Tutorial

For new users, we’ve redone our onboarding to guide your exploration of Axosoft. You’ll be immediately greeted with a video from yours truly – covering some of the basics – followed by a helpful tutorial showing you around the major sections of the application. For current customers, you can check this out by going to Tools/ Help/ In-app tutorials/ Reset Tutorials.

New opening video and tutorial for your new users
New opening video and tutorial for first-time users

Show Me the Shortcuts

Here’s a quick cheatsheet for all the new shortcuts in Axosoft:

1. When editing a workflow step, you can quickly edit any associated field template with the new shortcut link.

edit workflow steps in axosoft

2. If you’re creating a custom item with a pick-list, you’ll get a quick link to manage your pick-lists.

Hit manage to change your pick lists.
Hit manage to change your pick lists.

3. When editing a project, you can now use quick links to manage workflow, field templates, and escalations. Access this by clicking edit on any project folder and selecting the Field Templates, Workflow, or Escalation Path side tabs.

Field Template Settings
Example: Click edit project, field templates, and manage field templates

4. You can see what your notifications look like from the Notifications settings.Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.38.24 PM

A Few More Things

You’ll also notice we updated the UI for the panes in the Details Panel:  Worklogs, Related Items, Audit Trails, etc.

Details Panes
Check out the Details Panel on the right


Lastly (for now), you can quickly copy the URL or portal link for any item from the View Item window.

Copy Link
Click the gear icon to quickly copy the link for an item

We hope these new updates make your life a little easier. Be on the look out for our next release!

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