Axosoft API Developer Contest

Axosoft API Developer Contest

Announcing The Contest Winner And Other Awesome New Integrations

At the end of March, we had a webinar to announce our API developer contest, and the response was nothing less than incredible! In just over a month, we received loads of new integrations and applications — everything from new ways to generate reports, integrations to sync with calendars, and even stand-alone apps! All of these are now available on our integrations and addons page.

We’re happy to announce that the winner of the contest is the ADP Team from Almex! They built an amazing Dynamic Gantt add-on for Axosoft that you can plug into your account right now and create Gantt charts with any items in your sprints or releases!

Dynamic Gantt

Dynamic Gantt creates great insight for release planning because you can group by team members and even adjust start dates or due dates for items.  Items are color coded based on priority,  the shaded areas show percent complete so you can see progress, and parent/child relationships are even connected by lines to show sub-items.

Now the team from Almex will receive a new Printrbot 3D Printer!!!  All other entrants will receive a care package filled with awesome Axosoft swag!


Other Notable Entries:

googlecalendarGoogle Calendar integration: Sync item due dates and start dates to your Google Calendar.


AxoMobile: new third-party iOS app where you can view, add, or update any items in your Axosoft account.


XP-Dev integration: Associate Axosoft items with your Git, SVN, and Mercurial commits, including work logs.

QlikView integrationqlikview: Build powerful reports and write SQL-esque queries to analyze data.

Sublime Text integrationsublime: View, add, and update Axosoft items within Sublime Text.

Hubot integrationhubot:  Quickly add items to Axosoft and view summarized work logs from your Hubot installation.

See a full list of integrations and addons.

Want to see your application listed on our integrations and add-ons page? Learn how to become an Axosoft Partner!

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