3 New Aha’s in Customer Success

3 New Aha’s in Customer Success

Conference brings new Ideas — infographic included.

What happened when members of our Customer Success team traveled to San Francisco for the Customer Success Summit on March 21-22? They found some new inspiration, cutting-edge ideas and a couple of surprising insights. Read on to learn what our team took away from the convention; perhaps you can find something useful too.

1. Customer Success is always changing.

This is simply because the needs of customers, teams and people change. “The idea of Customer Success is very fluid and there is no magic bullet,” says Zack Manis, member of the Customer Success team at Axosoft.

Although the idea of change and fluidity makes tending to customers’ needs a bit challenging, if teams have a clear vision and goal of how they want to address evolving needs, it can help.

“There is not one infographic that you can grab and post on your wall that explains Customer Success. You have to take in all the information, examine your company, understand the customer life cycle and then do what works for your customers and your organization,” he explains.

But we tried to break it down for you here.

infographic of customer success
3 Aha’s! from the Customer Success Summit

According to Jonathan Silva, Director of Customer Success at Axosoft, the conference helped clarify his thoughts and vision for what the team should look like and value. “We really did leave with a game plan on how we should continue to build out our department,” he says. The conference gave us information about a range of topics, from what sorts of roles should the team hold, to what types of experiences our customers should have.”

2. Content is still king, not just in marketing.

One of the most eye-opening moments took place during a talk about content and its uses. According to Silva, the main message was: ‘Customer Success should be driven by your content.’

You should ask yourself, ‘are our customers able to answer their own questions without picking up the phone all the time to call us?’ If they can’t, that’s a very real challenge.

“It was a great reminder to think about the types of documentation we have online,” says Silva. He goes on to explain that customers typically will not go to a company’s website to find help; instead, they turn to a search engine. “Our first line of defense is Google,” he reports. “Therefore, we always need to make sure we are optimizing our content when writing; it also needs to be a positive user experience.”

Silva goes on to explain that content on a website should work not just for potential customers, as an advertising vehicle, but for current customers looking for help and information. Therefore, SEO and search functionality are paramount.

3. A Pastoral Farm vs. The Thrilling Hunt

Perhaps one of the biggest Aha! moments came from Guy Nirpaz, CEO and Founder of Totango and author of “Farm Don’t Hunt – The Definitive Guide to Customer Success.” Both Manis and Silva wholeheartedly agree with Nirpaz’s philosophy that Customer Success really is just like farming. “You have to cultivate. You can’t just plant once and walk away,” explains Manis.

This philosophy generally favors the customer over the seller and is intended to run throughout the organization in which you work. “Customer Success is a mindset, not just a team within a company,” says Manis. He concludes, “All teams in your company need to be not just internally optimized but customer optimized as well.”

What Now?

At Axosoft, we’re dedicated to helping our customers successfully meet their development goals. If you’re thinking about starting your free trial of Axosoft, you can look forward to our Customer Success team working with you during your onboarding and implementation sessions and providing ongoing training and optimization sessions. We hope to work with you soon!

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