OnTime V12.0.1 Released

Today, we’re making OnTime 12.0.1 available for download and as of a little while ago, all OnTime OnDemand customers are running OnTime 12.0.1. This release is primarily¬†focused on bug-fixes that slipped through with version 12’s release.

One important enhancement we added was support for IE 7 in the OnTime Customer Portal. We were overly anxious and jumped the gun on dropping support for IE 7 in the Customer Portal with version 12.0’s release. So I’m happy to say that Customer Portal version 12.0.1 adds back limited support for IE 7.

Here is a full list of everything that has changed:

Customer Portal Enhancements:

  • Now has limited IE 7 Support
  • Fixed Customers that had search criteria were not getting cleared after upgrade to version 12.0
  • Fixed Items in embedded portal grid were not scrollable
  • Fixed Workflow Step notifications not firing for new items created in portal
  • Fixed Auto-Filter Public Items throwing error when using ‘Customer’ as filter condition
  • Fixed Attachments in Large Text Fields allows for multiple uploads but only attaches first file
  • Fixed Embedded portal not refreshing item grid list after save and close
  • Fixed Open item in a new window not working in IE
  • Fixed Parent and Child Picklist were not loading correctly if hidden on IE8

OnTime Web Client Enhancements:

  • Added PDF button to the grid to create a PDF document based on current filter and group by settings.
  • Fixed Drag and Drop attachment produces error when accordion is pushed below items grid
  • Fixed Audit Trails always shows items edited through customer portal are edited as the initial contact assigned to item
  • Fixed Custom picklist using customers list which contain ” ‘ ” produces an error if you edit the item
  • Fixed Adding attachments to large text field error if adding a non-image file
  • Fixed Adding attachments into large text fields would not work intermittently
  • Fixed “Enforce workflow step selection for items” setting should not affect other settings in edit project
  • Fixed Deleting workflow being used by project produces error on save project
  • Fixed Edit project produces an error if a large text field is assigned to the project
  • Fixed Users could not save item in a new workflow step if user permission didn’t allow move to another step
  • Fixed Add user licenses on manage users produces error in Installed version
  • Fixed Customer contact not being inserted on add item if selected on accordion
  • Fixed Viewing a project then closing window would cause grid not to update any project selection after
  • Fixed Edit button disabled in view menu if user only has workflow edit privileges
  • Fixed “Notify Customer” checkbox is not selectable in IE9
  • Fixed Selected Team Member is not getting assigned to the <assigned to> field on add item
  • Fixed Adding users with new user defaults produces error
  • Fixed When adding team members through the accordion, the user list was not getting refreshed after save
  • Fixed User options menu not scrollable
  • Fixed Linking wiki page inside editor produces error
  • Fixed Wiki pages disappearing after add in some cases
  • Fixed Wiki pages for Archived Projects do not display in the wiki tab
  • Fixed Projects and Releases assigned in field templates are not being applied on add item

We hope you like the update!